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Winners of the Writer's Digest 11th Annual Self-Published E-book Awards in Romance

Honorable Mention: 

The Little Tea Room on River Road

by Susan Lute

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Sometimes, love doesn't go according to plan.

Sage Dawson loves her job as a cruise director or did. When her current guy (Shipmate, Gordan Simen) turns out to have feet of clay, a broken heart takes her back to Wally Creek and the comfort of her grandparents' loving support. What she gets instead is the house she grew up in as they take off for a new life in Arizona, four seventy-something tenants who have a plan of their own for her future, and Luke Marshell, a sleek, polished, uncompromising businessman who, for some reason, she can't fathom, is convinced she's after his great-uncle's retirement fund.

Under other circumstances, Luke would be a girl's dream guy, but not Sage's. The man is an uncompromising workaholic and not user-friendly. The only thing worse than getting surprised by a sneaker wave on the way into the dock is standing by doing nothing while her heart makes another disastrous mistake.
Release date September 12, 2024 -
It’s time to go home…
The Shadow and the Pen Dragons (5).jpg
Join me on a new adventure into Romantic Fantasy. It's been a long time coming.  Available now! Get your copy at your favorite retailer:

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Only pockets of humans survived the destruction of Mother Earth. In the resulting post-apocalyptic world, Darwin changelings (those who are not humanborn) emerged from hiding, struggling alongside humans to reclaim their former glory. It is during this time that Logan and Beyla—dragon and shadow thief, enemies from the beginning of time, are forced to join forces to defeat a growing evil. Fighting a desire that flames out of their control, together with their kin, they scramble to keep a weapon of incredible destructive power out of the hands of an enemy who would use it to destroy all that is left of their clans.

The tale that follows is taken from the Dragonborn Chronicles.

From Dragons Walk, perched in the highest mountain peaks in what is now called the Colorado Territory, to Avalon above the eastern waters, the ancestral home of the Dragonborn, the battle is just beginning…
—the Storyteller
The Fake Marriage Proposal 

"Susan’s fifth book in her Angel Point series was fantastic! Wynne Olsen is looking for a fresh start in California but first, she has to help her sister with her wedding and find her replacement for Angel Point’s city attorney. Single dad Brett Macauley is a handsome distraction but he’s not looking for love, too busy raising his daughter and getting his veterans village up and running. Wynne and Brett find themselves thrown together when Brett’s daughter convinces her to help them keep her best friend out of the foster system. I loved this one so much. This story has everything from the cozy small-town vibe to intelligent, tweens determined to get their way and two people determined not to fall in love but find themselves falling hard." ~ sara, Instagram

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WAnted by the Marshal brown hair FINALcover.jpg
Wanted by the Marshal~
"I have recently discovered Susan Lute and she is very impre
ssive. Her stories are lovely, her characters have great depth and caring, and her situations are very interesting. Very strong series!"

~mamakatz13, BookBub

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