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Bitterly resentful of her family and a life that isn’t what it’s supposed to be, Stella

Carmichael finds herself responsible for her unruly granddaughter, and on a plane to London. Faced with hard truths about her relationship with a husband who’s gone and a family that is falling apart, she reluctantly gets to know her sullen granddaughter, makes new friends, and embarks on an unexpected flirtation. Somewhere along the way, she discovers family is a gift; and living...something to be treasured.

"Susan Lute is a beautiful keeper of the human heart. She explores the soul and leaves the reader certain life is worth the journey."  ~ National Bestselling and Two-Time RITA Recipient Wendy Warren 



Dr. Dana Murphy has everything a physician can want. Everything except the one thing she can’t get back. When she’s diagnosed with a degenerative condition that threatens the career she loves, and her husband discovers he has a teenage daughter, it all begins to unravel. When her crazy mother and sister come to stay, in the chaos that follows, she scrambles to scotch tape her life back together and instead finds herself on the brink of losing everything she holds dear.


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