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Sellewood Novellas


When a gypsy caravan-style truck breaks down at Martha's curbside, the last thing Zach Barret needs is an impulsive pixie rocking his boat. When he uncovers Alice York's secrets, can he convince the stunning woman to park her truck permanently in his drive?

RT Book Reviews~ A delightful, fast-moving romance that restores any loss of belief in the saying “Who has loved that loved not at first sight?” The two main characters are fully formed and the secondary characters give this novella the substance of a full-length novel.


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Cyber security consultant, Sloane Cooper is dumped by her wanna-be politician boyfriend, his parting shot—not only are you the worst girlfriend ever, but you're a lousy kisser, too!


Miles Preston doesn't want to be Sloane's rebound guy, but how does he convince his best friend steamy kisses are not enough? 

Marsha at Keeper Bookshelf ~ If you’re looking for a fast read with tons of feels and a really good friends to lovers story – then Sealed With A Kiss should be on your reading radar.

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Gavin Stevens hasn't given a second thought to finding a the love of a good woman, or a family of his own, but when fiesty house renovator, Tori Cahil, calls him on the carpet for condemning the sow's ear she's determined to make into a silk purse, can he survive the holiday season with his heart... and bachelorhood intact?

Goodreads review ~ Susan Lute has hit a home run with this feel good Christmas novella. A wonderful story about 2 people that did not believe in love finding love with each other during the most magical time of the year - Christmas.

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Cartoonist Lacey Daniels wants to make the old-fashioned idea of courtship look sexy and fun for her readers; and she wants national syndication. Two things stand in her way. A contrived contest and hunky, catch-your-breath Zane Tyler's and his new book, The Power Of Pheromones

Before Zane can get out of the line of fire, He's caught in a battle of words that quickly escalates into a hokey competition. Will his science win over romance before he loses  everything he's worked so hard to build? 

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Finally snagging the perfect job, Sydney Marshall can’t get out of town fast enough. But when single dad Benjamin Quincy returns, determined to make a life for his daughter in the small town where he grew up, there’s just one problem. Rosewood...and love have a penchant for interfering in the best laid plans.

RT Book Reviews ~ An engaging romance about how love can change dreams.

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​On the run from the memory of an abusive marriage, newly widowed Dr. Vivan Buchanan is looking for a place to lick her wounds and start over—not just for herself, but for her step-daughter and unborn child. When she lands in Rosewood, Oregon on Valentine's Day, can the lover's holiday, a new practice, and a man unlike her late husband open her heart to the possibilities of trust and love one more time?

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Falling For A Hero


Ten years before Madrid, Jane Donovan is a kid growing up in an orphanage and looking for the family she's always wanted. Flirting with the wrong side of the law, she has a choice to make. Live her mother's doomed life, or get off the streets. Finding the courage to reach for her dreams isn't easy, but in the end, will she take the road that will give her everything she's always wanted?




In the aftermath of missing a client's cry for help, Dr. Chase Russell leaves a lucrative practice to start over on an isolated ranch. When a Marine arrives nursing a cranky hip and even crankier disposition, between helping two runaway kids and taking the stubborn Marine through play therapy, what’s an ex-counselor to do, but make sure this hero finds her way home?

RT Book Reviews ~ A heartwarming story about a veteran suffering from PTSD. Jane Donovan speaks for all the dedicated servicemen and women who are truly devoted to being Marines. Readers will feel as if they know these characters personally; they will experience the pain of war, while celebrating the strength and courage that is found to bring lives back from the brink of failure. A truly riveting story with beautiful characters and a plot you won’t soon forget.



Celebrating Christmas is the last thing on his mind when David Randall leaves behind his military life to take care of his orphaned nephew. But finding work in a depressed economy is tough; and job-hunting in December is nothing short of an act of desperation. So when a temp job casts him in the roll of 'Girl Friday' to a notorious lady boss, even this Marine knows the greatest risk might lead to the greatest gift of all.


Silhouette Classic


Once she’d dreamed of those words, but Eleanor Silks Rose had grown up and kicked her crush on Dillon Stone like a bad habit. So why had she blushed as the widowed single dad touched his lips to hers during the mock ceremony? And when their charity dating-game wedding turned out to be real, why did she start dreaming she’d be Mrs. Dillon Stone forever?

Dillon was on a quest for the perfect wife, yet he’d never expected to be wed to an irresistible Eleanor! But he didn’t need passion; he needed a mother for his son. Could his accidental bride be the woman he’d been searching for to bring love and sizzle to his life?

Romantic Times Book Club ~ Susan Lute takes a seemingly implausible plot and makes it shine as she charms and mesmerizes her readers with OOPS...WE'RE MARRIED?

Holt Medallion Finalist

Reader's Choice Nominee

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