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From The Dragonborn Chronicles - the battle is just beginning...

The Shadow and the Pen Dragons (5).jpg

Civilization has gone to hell by way of greed, thirst for power, and a comet that came too close to the planet. What is left is a post-apocalyptic world where Darwin's changelings emerge from hiding and what remains of humanity struggles to reclaim their former glory.

After her family is brutally murdered by mercenaries, all Beyla wants is to disappear into the last shadow forever. But the Pen Dragons, one in particular, have other plans than to leave her to a fading solitude.

Logan Pen of the Dragonborn needs the shadow walker’s reported knowledge to find an ancient weapon of incredible destructive power. When she steals his treasure and by dragon law becomes his mate, he’ll have to use all his skills as commander of the Pen fighting machine to convince Beyla that revenge won’t help her forget her loss and it certainly won’t bring back her family.

One thing is clear. Logan and Beyla don’t have a choice. Fighting a desire that quickly flames out of control and scrambling to bring peace to a weary world, in a race against time and a ruthless enemy, Dragonborn and shadow walker—enemies since the time of the Morgani dragon slayers—must face sacrificing everything they hold dear in order to keep the Firestone out of the hands of an enemy who would use it to crush and rule what’s left of the inhabitants of Mother Earth.

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