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Home Sweet Home: What's Next?

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

It's been ages since I've been in touch, so I thought New Release Day would be an excellent time to catch you up on what's going on in my world. As most of you know, in The Day Job, I work as a nurse. Last year I applied for a new position and was hired! I love working with my new team. You can imagine, it keeps me very busy, but not so busy I can't write a few paragraphs each day. That's good news for my mental health (ha ha).

On the remodeling front, we're not quite finished with the kitchen; still deciding on the counter top. Once that's done, we'll start on the back splash, which I'm pretty sure will be a creamy, glass subway with gray grout. Oh, and the stove hood...we have it, just not in its permanent home. In the meantime, we're starting on the laundry room.

The Most Exciting News!

Yesterday was LOVE LESSONS' (the newest story in the Sellwood Novella series) release day. The idea for Love Lessons was born years ago when I found a thin hard-cover book in a used book store titled, Love Lessons 101. It was filled with ideas of how to romance your special person. It's packed away now, waiting for a home on new bookshelves still to be built, but the title has stayed in the back of my mind. Later I read an article about how women choose their mates by smell. From there it was a short hop and skip to...

The love of Lacey Daniels life is her comic strip, Love Lessons 101, with principle players, Georgette and Frank, more like real people than made-up characters. Two things stand in the way of getting the national syndication she wants—a contrived contest pitting her romance against the science of a new book, The Power Of Pheromones and the book's author, hunky, catch-your-breath Zane Tyler.

When Zane literally bumps into a beautiful stranger on the way to giving a lecture on how women choose their mates by smell, he's surprised to learn she makes a living by promoting old-fashioned romance. Before he can get out of the line of fire, he's caught up in a battle of words that quickly escalates into a hokey competition where he has to come out the winner or lose everything he's worked so hard to build.

Romance versus Science. Which one will win?

Grab your copy @ Amazon | iBooks | BN | Kobo

More Fun Stuff!

I'm always a little nervous on release day, but there are a lot of fun things going on to take my mind off the jitters :)

  • My website got a face lift. Stop by and say hi @ This is always a work in progress :)

  • Coming soon! I'm changing email list carriers and making a big push this spring to build email subscribers. Watch for details, including a free short story as my thank you for being a reader and sticking with me through the thick and thin of this new publishing world.

  • I'm starting a new series. The first book will be released in May 2018 (cross your fingers) – Lost And Found, An Angel Point Novel.

I'm so thankful you've stayed with me during this amazing journey. I don't have any words of wisdom today, except to say, in the immortal words of long and prosper...and until the next time...keep reading!

Much Love,


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