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Affordable Travel: On the Road Again

A chance to get out of the house, even for a short trip, is always welcome. As a writer, focused on remodeling my house, it's so easy to become a hermit these days. This weekend I'm on the road again with my forever friends (we'll call them Wen, Dar, and Gin). Most of the time we head for the Oregon coast, but this weekend we're sticking close to the Portland area. It'll be a short trip but well worth spending three days in an oversized hotel room with a sitting area, fabulous view, and lots of nearby walking paths and hiking trails.

Cascade Locks isn't a big town, but there are a few things we can do while we're there. The town sits on the Columbia River Gorge with a view that can't be beaten. One of the sites that has caught our attention is the Bridge of the Gods which crosses the Columbia River. We'll definitely check that out. The toll bridge is owned by the Port of Cascade Locks and connects SR-14 in Washington to I-84 in Oregon. In August they host The Bridge of the Gods 10K or Half-Marathon Run. There's the Bonneville Hatchery to see. Built in 1909, it's still the largest of Oregon's fish hatcheries. There is Marine Park to wander around and waterfall tours to take. I suspect for the most part we'll snuggle into our room and take the short weekend to do a little brainstorming and talk about writing, publication, and all things related.

In case you want more, farther down the road, and not to be missed, is Skamania Lodge, and Hood River with all its outdoor activities: hiking, mountain biking, skiing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and rafting. Someday that will be one of our retreat destinations.

I won't linger today since it's time to pack my travel bag and my backpack with all the writing 'stuff' I want for the weekend. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, BookBub, Goodreads, Amazon, and at As always you can contact me at

In the meantime, happy weekend traveling, and have fun reading. I'm currently reading First Touch by Elsa Jade (again) and Hometown Reunion by Christine Rimmer. Both are 5 stars in my book :)

XO Susan


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