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Logan: The Shadow and the Pen Dragon. A Book Review.

You're right. This is a book blog about books I've read and really liked or just plain loved. Today though, I'm sharing a book I started eleven years ago, and while it was published for a while, it was never quite finished. Dragons have been one of my favorite things for a long time, so this summer I decided that in addition to my contemporary romance novels, I want to write outside my comfort box—fantasy romance. Specifically, continue on with The Dragonborn Chronicles. So I started with Book One, which became Logan: The Shadow and the Pen Dragon. I'm halfway through Book Two, Carlton: The Lost Pen Dragon. There will be at least five books in this series. Here we go:

From the Dragonborn Chronicles—

Only pockets of humans survived the destruction of Mother Earth. In the resulting post-apocalyptic world, Darwin changelings (those who are not humanborn) emerged from hiding, struggling alongside humans to reclaim their former glory. It is during this time that Logan and Beyla—dragon and shadow thief, enemies from the beginning of time, are forced to join forces to defeat a growing evil. Fighting a desire that flames out of their control, together with their kin, they scramble to keep a weapon of incredible destructive power out of the hands of an enemy who would use it to destroy all that is left of their clans.

From Dragons Walk, perched in the highest mountain peaks in what is now called the Colorado Territory, to Avalon above the eastern waters, the ancestral home of the Dragonborn, the battle is just beginning

What I love about writing this book is how easy it was to let my imagination take flight. I like that the origin story of The Chronicles is about how a writer can say, “screw that!” and then start on a new, startling adventure that even after eleven years is still calling. I love the characters—every one of them—and writing about a time when all seems lost, the history that became a part of Logan and Beyla's story, and that the richness will continue on in the rest of the books.

Launch day is November 28, 2023.

Happy reading! You can catch me on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, BookBub, and Goodreads. And of course, sign up for my newsletter and follow my blog here at

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