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Published Author: New Release and Giveaway

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

It's always super exciting when I have a new book coming out. The countdown to February 1, 2023, begins today. Only 5 days until The Valentine Project is released.

You still have time to pre-order at your favorite retailer and to add The Valentine Project to your Goodreads Want to Read shelf.

Come celebrate! I'll be dropping into the Tule Book Club for a chat and giveaway on February 1, 2023, at 10 am PST, where I'll give away Amazon gift cards, copies of The Valentine Project, and a very special surprise gift box. Everyone who posts an answer to the questions in each of the three posts will be entered into a drawing to be a lucky winner. (hint: one of the questions might be, “What is your favorite Valentine's Day outing?”)

"...a sweet, clean and touching story not only about romance but also about family and second chances in life." ~Goodreads review, 5 stars.


Gwen went looking for her grandmother. She found the older woman talking to the same man, a tall guy, who knocked it out of the park in his dark suit. His black hair was neatly combed; hands stuffed in his pants pockets as he chatted with Grandma Adele. A young, teenage boy loitered close, mimicking the man's stance.

Gwen's breath caught as she almost tripped over the sudden excitement sprinting alongside her pulse. The man (that was his son, she was guessing) was like a dream she didn't know she had, come true. She stared at his back. He was . . . taller than average . . . strong . . . comfortable in his skin as he laughed at something the boy said. A man, it seemed by his interaction with the teen, who could be relied on to stay the course.

Grandma Adele waved her over. Mesmerizing dude turned at the same time. And Gwen's heart crashed.

Carson Loman.

Shaking her head, she had to force herself not to run in the opposite direction. Stopping short of making a spectacle of herself, she straightened her shoulders and pasted on a smile. Hopefully, it wasn't too fake.

As if she greeted an MIA ex-best friend every day, she walked over to her grandmother and kissed the older lady on the cheek before facing Carson. She held out her hand. “Hello, Carson.”

“Carson and Flynn are my plus one and two,” Grandma Adele said, just a little too smug.

For a long moment, he stared at her, memories filling bright blue eyes she had tried so hard to forget but couldn't. He took her hand, his grip firm and warm. “Hi, Gwen. You look lovely.”

This was not the boy she used to know. Life had etched lines on his face, broadened his shoulders, and—

“Gwen—” he pulled the teenager forward. “This is my son, Flynn.”

He had a son.

“Dibs!” Flynn said in a stage whisper as he leaned into his dad's shoulder.

“Ignore this crazy kid.” Carson dragged Flynn close with an arm around the boy's neck, scrubbing knuckles across his head. Flynn squirmed, but his father watched her . . . expecting to find . . . what? The girl he'd left behind? That wasn't likely to happen.

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Happy reading.

XO Susan

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