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Published Author: What's Next?

Technically it's still spring, but we're already having summer weather, which is okay by me. I'm a summer girl. I've just finished a surprise writing project (which I'll talk about later) and I have an Angel Point Romance coming out in July, The Fake Marriage Proposal. So what's next?

Well... :) Book wise... As I mentioned, The Fake Marriage Proposal will be released at your favorite book retailer on July 13, 2023. This is a book about what happens when a fake marriage fails. It was super fun to write. You can preorder now. Here's the blurb.

When a fake marriage fails, what comes next?

Following a disastrous relationship, successful divorce attorney Wynne Olsen is ready to put her past firmly behind her and start fresh in sunny California. But first, she’ll need to help plan her sister’s wedding and quit her new position as Angel Point’s city attorney. A local hero’s Nordic good looks are a distraction she doesn’t need at any time, much less when she’s tying up loose ends on her way to a better future.

Former marine and single dad Brett Macauley is focused on raising his daughter and opening a veterans village. There’s no time left for courting love, but when his daughter proposes a fake marriage between him and Wynne in order to adopt her best friend out of the foster system, Brett thinks that’s a worthy reason to pop the question. Especially since he’s realizing Wynne is quickly winning over his heart.

Another failed fake marriage isn’t what Wynne wants, but she does believe in Brett. Can Wynne finally say “I do” to a happy future…one with Brett in it?

The Little Tea Room on River Road, affectionately called “Amelia's”, by my besties, is one of those stories that is the book of my heart. It will be released in September 2023.

Blurb: Sage Dawson loves her job as a cruise director or did. When her current guy (Shipmate, Gordan Simen) turns out to have feet of clay, a broken heart takes her back to Wally Creek and the comfort of her grandparents' loving support. What she gets instead is the house she grew up in as they take off for a new life in Arizona, four seventy-something tenants who have a plan of their own for her future, and Luke Marshell, a sleek, polished, uncompromising businessman who's convinced she's after his great-uncle's retirement fund. Under other circumstances, Luke would be a girl's dream guy, but not Sage's. The man is a workaholic and not user-friendly. The only thing worse than getting surprised by a sneaker wave was standing by doing nothing while her heart makes another disastrous mistake.

And depending on what happens next, it is possible there will be a release of the first book in a series of paranormal/fantasy romances with a twist of dystopian dragons. Stay tuned :)

What am I reading? For the third time, Anne McCaffrey's Crystal Singer from her Chrystal Singer trilogy. I can't remember the first time I read the trilogy—I must have been in my twenties. They are still some of my favorite books. What are you reading?

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See you next time. Happy reading! And happy Mother's Day!

XO Susan


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