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There is so much going on!

There is so much going on today. Already this morning (I'm writing this post on Saturday) it has snowed, the sun is out now melting the snow, and the temperature is predicted to be a high of 41 degrees for the remainder of the day. Fortunately, my mental temperature is somewhere around 76 degrees. It's a good day!

So, let's get right to it. I've been thinking a lot about stories that I have published over my writing career. Ones that I love. This week I'm highlighting two of them and their origin stories.

A Fool For Love (Free! For a limited time)

I remember the day that my sister-friend, Darla Luke, and I conceived the idea for the Sellwood Novellas. We were sitting on a bench in a park in New Orleans having an animated discussion about how busy we were with our day jobs and family and trying to work in time for our passion . . . writing. What could we write that busy readers like us would have time to read? (in addition to penning stories, we're both avid readers) And we came up with Novellas for busy lives. Two authors. Same Town. Different stories. There are four novellas now and one short story. And we're talking about doing more. It's a very exciting project.

Alice York lived a nomadic life working as a classic car mechanic so she could follow her dream of painting landscapes. When a gypsy caravan-style truck breaks down at Martha’s curbside, the last thing single dad, Zach Barret needs is an impulsive pixie rocking his boat. The more determined he is to stay away from the free-spirited, green-eyed nomad, the more he finds one kiss will never be enough. 

Uncovering Alice’s secrets in paintings of empty swings and merry-go-rounds puts a new priority at the top of his shortlist. But can Zach convince this stunning woman to park her truck permanently in his drive? 

You can also find all four books at A Sellwood Novella 

The London Affair

Every once in a while a story comes to an author that is so compelling it has to be written. For me, The London Affair is one of those stories. Of all the novels I've written, it's one of my favorites. In my other life, I'm a retired nurse and have always been fascinated by the relationships—good or bad—that we form with family members or those who become family.

Stella came to me on the commute to work one day. What if a woman in trouble won a trip to anywhere in the world? What if it was her daughter who won the trip? And what if the daughter, to shake her mom up, sends her to the one place she doesn't want to go? One of my favorite cities is London, so of course that's where Stella's daughters send her to sort out her life. But she doesn't go alone. Stella isn't the only one who's in trouble with her girls.

And finally, when I'm not reading or writing, I'm growing an avocado tree :)

Family, community, and the journey home. These are the stories that touch my heart. I hope A Fool For Love and The London Affair touch yours too.

Happy reading! You can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, BookBub, and Goodreads. And of course, sign up for my newsletter and follow my blog here at

XO Susan


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