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A Valentine’s Day promise sixteen years in the making…

Deputy Mayor Gwen Olsen has big plans to put her own stamp on the revitalization of Angel Point. She grew up in the charming coastal town, loves its quaint downtown, and she’s confident she’ll be voted mayor if her ideas bring in more prosperity.

But this Valentine’s Day, the only thing rolling into town is Carson Loman, her childhood BFF who made a pact with her, sealed it with a kiss, then moved to Chicago and ghosted her. Now his adopted teenage son needs stability, so he’s accepted the fire chief position—and the place on Gwen’s committee that comes with it.

She’s the same witty Gwen with a successful track record to go with it. His son’s welfare drives his future, but Carson’s still a solid rock to lean on. So are they merely caught up in honoring a childish promise to marry if they’re both single at 35, or should they seize this chance for a happier future than they could have ever planned?

"Dripping with charm, drowning in heart, The Valentine Project is a classic in the making. Carson and Gwen put the soul back in romance. From deeply moving to vastly entertaining, Lute gives the heart something to think about." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)

"Heartwarming and sweet this second chance romance will lift you up and wrap you around its little finger just like the gorgeous characters and secondary characters in the fourth book in @authorsusanlute Angel Point series."sara_loves_millsandboon

Something New

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Previous  Books In The Series

He’s ready for the lights…

She knows how to make things sparkle…


 He promises to show Faith, who has never enjoyed the holiday season, the magic of an Angel Point Christmas. But as the two grow closer, Grant can’t help but wonder…has he got his Christmas wish all wrong?

"What a wonderful, feel-good story. This book was a breath of fresh air, an original story and I absolutely loved it! Why did it have to end? How often do you read a great book and then when it's over, that book is all you think about? Well, The Christmas Makeover was that book for me. There was just something special about this book that is still strongly resonating with me. I want to live in Angel Point. I want to be friends with Grant and Faith." ~ Christine at Goodreads 

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She doesn’t believe in happily-ever-afters…

He wants to be more than friends…

Can he convince her that true love is real and their happiness waits just around the corner?

Lute’s pleasant sequel to The Sheriff’s Baby Bargain returns to the charming small town of Angel Point, Ore. Trust and self-esteem issues form the emotional core of Lute’s heartfelt love story, while a wonderful supporting cast adds color. This earnest romance is thoroughly enjoyable. (July) ~ Publishers Weekly


She’s just what the doctor ordered… but never knew he needed

When Gabe is given a baby, with his name on her birth certificate, he needs Taylor’s help. But dangling dating lessons in exchange? If that will get the dedicated sheriff to lend a helping hand, could it be a bargain worth making?

 "I LOVE friends-to-lovers stories, and this one has all the best elements--a delectable, hard-to-pin-down hero; a strong, vulnerable, always lovable heroine; and a rich supporting cast. I laughed, I worried about the protagonists, I teared up, and I re-read paragraphs that were so well-written I wanted to savor them. Susan Lute's characters feel real, as does the town itself. I can't wait for the next book in this new series!" ~ Wendy at Goodreads
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